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Vince Tint is the CEO and founder of 12SM Agency. 12SM is all-remote digital marketing agency based out of Los Angeles, California that specializes in healthcare marketing and medical tourism, with a vision of making affordable, high-quality healthcare more globally accessible by using medical tourism marketing.

With a head for creativity and a heart for helping others succeed, Vince started his DayOneProfit YouTube series on helping purpose-driven brands and entrepreneurs turn their passions into profits. 

Because schools really don’t teach you what really matters in business, Vince continues to share his lessons he has learned as an entrepreneur, managing one’s expectations with both success and failure, and learning how to find one’s true-self in the midst of chasing dreams and building multiple income streams. 

As a visionary and creative thinker, Vince’s interests are not limited to just profits and businesses – he also enjoys tapping into his passions for oceanography, love of nature, and designing his own line of sleek fashion wear. 

The biggest lesson he would like to share is that it doesn’t have to be either/or when it comes to your passion or profits. Doing what you really love doesn’t mean doing just one thing. Don’t ever limit your creativity or true self.



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"Expert on how consumer psychology applies to storytelling."


"Digital PR Expert”


“A straightforward, no-nonsense approach that gets results."


"Simple way for brands to tell their WHOLE story"


"His knowledge of SEO and how search engines work is outstanding!"


"Offers a unique perspective on what the future of advertising holds."


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A keynote speaker is someone who’ll bring his expertise and knowledge to the stage, and share it with all the audiences.

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Price Varies – It depends on the size of the event and the location.

First, he must be knowledgeable and have years of experience in a certain area or topics that he’ll cover on the stage. A good keynote speaker is also a great story-teller who’s both entertaining and inspiring for the audiences.

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