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I've Seen All Types of Challenges

And, I’m pretty good at solving them.

I need someone who has deep subject-matter expertise.

I need help with accelerating my business's growth.

I need help breaking through technical or policy barriers.

I need an advisor to fill the gaps in our team's expertise and experience.

I need an advisor who can connect me to his/her extended network.

I need someone who understands how customer acquisition works.

I want strategic advisor who can help me understand the ins and outs of legacy industries.

I want an advisor who will have enough time and earn my company's equity comp.

Let’s talk – I’m here to listen.


Here’s What I Bring to the Table

A wide range of a expertise, skills, and support.



I will bring fresh perspective and experience to solve any problem.



I'll help you build a sustainable growth business model.



I'll help you build a strong foundation so your company can grow long-term.



I will allow access to my professional extended network.​


I will make time and earn my role as an advior.



Partners That Put Their Trust In Me

scotty s.

Scotty S.


As a small treatment center, with a small budget, it is tough to compete with larger rehab brands. However, 12 Steps Marketing has us outranking even some of the biggest players in our industry for tons of keywords.

Eric B.


Vince and his team provide excellent service and have always gone above and beyond to make sure we have the knowledge we need to do the best marketing we can for our company!


What You Can Expect

I’m here to make a difference.

Let me be clear – I am not looking to make a quick buck or turn-n-churn projects.

I am fully-vested in your company’s wellbeing and future when I become you part of your board. 

I will help you achieve your marketing goals by showing you what’s possible and creating the resources to help make it happen.

I may not be a perfect fit for all types of business and that is O’K. But, I will make a difference to those that I work with. I guaranteed that.


Common Questions

A Board advisor is an expert in one specific area who brings in his knowledge to your company to give direction to the company’s director and management. Having a board advisor in your organization can help you better manage your company since he can bring in a fresh perspective in decision-making.

Bring Expertise & Experience – A board advisor can help you make better, more effective, lower risk decisions with the expertise and experience he bring into your company.

Strategic, Support, and Guidance to CEO – With a range of perspectives and skills to major business decisions, a board advisor can guide the CEO to grow and scale, as well as finding ways to connect them to the people who can make all the difference in the growth trajectory.

Equity – If you’re from a startup company or a small established business that doesn’t have a budget to hire board advisors, an equity-based payment could be an amazing opportunity to bring a trusted expert into your company.

Hourly Basis $200 to $300 – Another option is by working with me as a board advisor to your company on an hourly basis. This should be another affordable solution since you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars every single month like hiring a full-time advisor.

Revenue Sharing – If you’re not comfortable with sharing your stakes, and couldn’t afford the hourly rate, we can also work together through revenue sharing.

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Basically, there are two things that make a good board advisor:

  1. He has built and grown multiple six-figure companies
  2. He’s committed to helping you grow your company

When you naturally choose to work with me, I’m ready to bring my expertise and experience in growing multiple six-figures online brands, and I’d be fully committed to helping you grow your company.

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