Vince Tint

Starting a SideHustle is Easy. Building a Business Is Hard. Don’t Make the Mistake of Going It Alone.

Let me help you make it happen.

Even the most successful entrepreneurs had help.


Hi, I'm Vince.

I am a creative strategist, purpose-driven marketer, and serial entrepreneur with over a decade of digital marketing experience working with global brands and Fortune 500 companies.

I help mission-based entrepreneurs, innovators, and brands turn their passions into profits with actionable advice (not theories), practical, and non-bullshitty – a.k.a., marketing advice that doesn’t suck.

I do this so they can continue doing incredible and impactful work – and get paid well doing it.


Pursuing My Passion

tldr: Purpose. Partnerships. Profits.

Purpose – I have found my ‘calling in life’ by helping entrepreneurs and brands turn their passions into profits.

Partnerships – I love partnering up with purpose-driven individuals and businesses who stand for something bigger than themselves.

Profits – Why not get paid for doing what you love? There’s no greater feeling in business than to be acknowledged and rewarded for a job well done.


I’m Here to Make a Difference

Let me be clear – I am not looking to make a quick buck or turn-n-churn projects.

When I invest my time and resources in your business, it means – I believe in you and your ability to achieve greatness.

I will help you achieve your mission by showing you what’s possible and creating the resources to help make it happen.

But this isn’t a donation trip.

Once you’ve reached a milestone in strides – whenever and whatever that may be – I should get something in return. That’s how it works, and that’s kind of how it should work. I imagine.

I may not be a perfect fit for all types of business and that is OK. But I will make a difference to those I work with. I guarantee that.



My Work Has Been Featured In


"Expert on how consumer psychology applies to storytelling."


"Digital PR Expert”


“A straightforward, no-nonsense approach that gets results."


"Simple way for brands to tell their WHOLE story"


"His knowledge of SEO and how search engines work is outstanding!"


"Offers a unique perspective on what the future of advertising holds."


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